What are vaporizers?

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By Juana Know Staff

In recent years there has been a major shift from traditional smoking devices to vaporizers. A vaporizer is simply a device that vaporizes substances to be inhaled. The most common are plant-based substances like cannabis, herbs, and tobacco.

Vaporizer Construction

The construction of vaporizers can vary to include different extraction chambers such as sequential venturi, straight bore, and venturi with the extracted vapor gathering in a bag and inhaled through a hose or pipe.

Because there is no combustion, cooler temperatures lead to more efficient ingredient extraction and possibly less harmful effects than smoking. This is one reason vaporizers have become popular.

Types Of Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers are like dry herb mechanisms except they heat a concentrate or wax to high enough temperatures where they melt and become vapor. This option delivers a different experience than dry herb. Concentrate and wax vaporizers are one of the purest and cleanest vaping methods and are more potent than the alternatives.

A dab pen is the most convenient device for vaporizing wax and is not as harsh on your lungs and throat as a dab rig. The greatest benefits of a dab pen are simplicity to use and portability. Dabs are solid cannabis concentrates created in a wax form. A dab pen is constructed from a battery attached to an atomizer.

The harder-hitting versions use heating coils instead of ceramic coil-less systems that focus more on flavor. Some of the more recent devices have eGo chargers or micro-USB plugs to make them rechargeable.

Dry Herb
Dry herb vaporizers heat dry ingredients in a ceramic or quartz heating chamber through convection or conduction. Convection heats ingredients by circulating hot air throughout the chamber resulting in a vapor that is then inhaled. This eliminates the combustion requirement (a flame) and is the preferred dry herb option.

Conduction heats the ingredient directly with the result being a vapor. Conduction vaporizes the ingredients at a low temperature to ensure the output is a steady stream of vapor.

Most vapers are accustomed to portable vaporizers which are small and easy to transport with the most popular being vape pens. Portable vaporizers can be used with concentrates, dry herb, waxes, and oils. These are the perfect option for public smoking since they do not release smoke.

The tabletop vaporizer is exactly as the name suggests, a non-portable option that requires a power outlet to operate. There are three types of desktop vaporizers:

  • Concentrate – This vaporizer type is to be used only with concentrates and is typically a water pipe engineered for vaporizing materials through combustion.
  • Forced Air – The forced air vaporizer is the most common tabletop type and contains a fan that circulates hot air through the ingredients with a balloon bag gathering the vapor and distributing through a pipe. A forced-air vaporizer is like a dry herb mechanism except it is not portable.
  • Whip-Style – This format is similarly designed to a hookah or shisha. It is a simple, hassle-free vaping option because it is only constructed from a whip and heating element. The whip contains a mouthpiece, tube, wand, and storage chamber, and the ingredients are heated to create the vapor.

Vaporizer Competitions

While casual vaping comprises the greatest segment of the vaping community, thus replacing social smoking, there is a new niche within the industry known as competitive vaping. The result has been serious business because it is treated as a talent competition or sport, including sponsors, judges, spectators, and contests.

Participants compete in various categories ranging from creative ways to blow vape clouds and shapes, to the larges plumes of smoke. Known as "cloud chasers," competitive vapers use a box mod vape to achieve their competition goals. Since the vaping industry is continuing to grow, these events are expected to become more popular.

Now that you are more informed of the vaping industry and the different types of ingredients and devices, it is time for you to test the waters to see what you prefer. You cannot go wrong with any of the ingredients and it is a personal preference for you to discover!

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