Top 3 Strains for Afternoon Consumption

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By Juana Know Staff

Marijuana isn't just for parties and bonfires; it's something that's great to enjoy at any time of day in its many forms, be it oil, edibles, or flower. Since every strain varies not only in potency but the way it impacts the experience of the user - the specific type of high that they get - there are some top afternoon strains that are better suited for a sunny day in the park than others. A lot of it comes down to terpene profiles, which are the aromatics found in plants, especially marijuana, and can sharpen your focus or induce deep relaxation.

Depending on your personal preference, there might be different effects you're looking for in a daytime strain. 2 to 4 o'clock is a time block when many people feel a slump in their routine, and they're looking for something to help them coast along smoothly to the evening. Here's a quick list of the three top afternoon strains for chilling out in the afternoon that won't leave you feeling glued to the couch for the entire rest of the day - unless that's what you're into.





A strain with a distinctly sweet aroma (hence the name), you might find yourself transformed into a social butterfly after smoking or vaping some Candyland. This is a THC-dominant strain with 16 to 22 percent potency on average. Its terpene profile is caryophyllene dominant, with limonene and humulene often prominent too. These work together to make everything from relaxing with friends to working on an artistic project all the more enjoyable.

Candyland originated in California, courtesy of Grand Daddy Purp Genetics. The Sativa strain came from a blend of Bay Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, two other lauded entries from the Golden State. Thanks to the noble work of Californian geneticists, marijuana users everywhere can enjoy the perfect combination of bright-and-chipperness and creative inspiration.





If you bust out some Blueberry during your next afternoon smoke session, you'll go up in the esteem of your friends if they know anything about pot history. This isn't just any strain; it's definitely one of those that's reached legendary status.

The plant's "roots" (sorry) have been traced back to one botanical breeder named DJ Short, who will forever live in the cannabis hall of fame. By blending the genetics of several different existing strains, Short upped the ante for a decade of people who were smoking stuff that - up until then - wasn't nearly as potent as what people get in dispensaries today. While the Blueberry strain Short pioneered still didn't have as high of THC concentration as the Blueberry strain of today, it was a giant leap in that direction.

Heavy in myrcene terpenes with strong undertones of caryophyllene, Blueberry (and many of the other strains in the blue family derived from it) is a strain of pure relaxation with a warm glow of happiness. Whether you're with friends or chilling out solo, this is a great way to get through the second half of the day.

CBD Critical Mass

Pain Relief

Stress Relief


A major part of this strain's appeal is right in the name. Marijuana users looking for the therapeutic, calming, soothing benefits of CBD for their afternoon fix should look no further than CBD Critical Mass. It's ideal for those working through recovery from a physical injury, dealing with chronic anxiety, or anyone who just can't seem to stay focused and motivated during the longest hours of the day.

Anyone with a serious condition either mental or physical knows that a long day can often be the trigger for an episode or can worsen existing pain. CBD Critical Mass has a special way of relaxing every muscle in the body, preventing you from tensing up or overcorrecting your posture and making things even worse. At the same time, it calms and soothes the mind without taking away your ability to focus, so you can still get stuff done - or just partake in an engaging conversation with friends.

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