The Best Cannabis Cooking Shows

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By Juana Know Staff

Luckily, today we are fortunate enough to watch the finest cannabis cooking shows available at any time on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. With the cannabis industry growing and reaching new heights than ever before, more people are now intrigued and willing to learn about this industry. Nowadays, it is much easier to learn about recreational and medicinal purposes. With popularity blooming, there is no surprise that television stations and streaming services provide various content on cannabis. In recent years, weed cooking shows are now being watched by long-time cannabis users, experts, and newcomers as well. Want to know which are the best cannabis cooking shows and where to watch them? Below are the best cooking shows worth watching.

Cooked with Cannabis - Where can you watch: Netflix

Top on the list is Cooked with Cannabis, made available on the ultra-popular streaming platform Netflix last year on April 20 (if you know, you know!). There are six episodes, and it is still a relatively new cooking competition show that includes only cannabis-infused dishes. This cooking show is hosted by the dynamic pair of singer and chef, Kelis, and cannabis expert, Leather Storrs. In each episode of Cooked with Cannabis, three chefs compete against each other by making cannabis-infused cruises. Not only are they competing against one another for bragging rights, to impress the hosts, but a grand prize of $10,000.

Along with Leather Storrs and Kelis, special guests referred to as hosts’ “best buds” help choose the best meals. The winner is decided by who can make the hosts and special guests high with their cannabis-infused dishes (CBD condiments, sauces, and THC infusions). There are various meal themes such as wedding, BBQ, and comfort food, to name a few. The show is a combination of educational, fun and provides plenty of chilled vibes that viewers will enjoy.

Common strains that were used while cooking with cannabis in the show are the following:

Blue Dream

Sour Diesel

Lemon Kush

Watermelon Sangria

Wedding Cake

Dream Queen

Chemdog 4

Black Jack

Purple Punch

Peanut Butter Breath

Super Lemon Haze

Cooking on High - Where can you watch: Netflix

Before Cooked with Cannabis burst into the Netflix scene, Cooking on High was the first cannabis cooking reality show. In this cannabis themed cooking show, two talented chefs competed in making delightful cannabis-infused meals for a jury of celebrity judges.

Celebrity judges include the following:

Rob Fee

Ramos Rivas

Sam Jay

Chris Byrant

Vince Royale

Chris Cope


Warm Brew

Mod Sun

The chefs on this show are well-versed in making infused dishes and are also medical and recreational marijuana educators. Cooking on High is hosted by musical artist and YouTube sensation Josh Leyva.

Bong Appetite - Where can you watch: Viceland and Hulu

If you are a Hulu subscriber and want to binge-watch a popular cannabis cooking show, well, you are in luck. Bong Appetite is a cannabis themed cooking show that has three seasons and is among the best cannabis cooking shows on the market. It blends well a combination of educational information, humor, and of course, plenty of mouth watery cannabis-infused meals. Each episode includes talented chefs battling in the kitchen in various small cooking challenges with the end goal of making a top-notch cannabis-infused dish. Bong Appetite makes cooking with cannabis enjoyable to watch.

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