The Benefits of Combining Marijuana and Yoga

a year ago   •   3 min read

By Juana Know Staff

Stress and anxiety leave your body physically and mentally drained. Between work and everyday life challenges, you need a way to wind down and find your zen. Due to its many health benefits, lots of people are relying on fitness to help them calm down and relieve stress after a hard day.

With the recent legalization of cannabis, some yogis have combined the two to experience the best of both worlds. Marijuana is known for its ability to ease stress and anxiety. Cannabis contains THC, which is the compound responsible for marijuana's calming effect.

The marijuana and yoga debate have a number of supporters for many reasons. From increased creativity to a higher level of self-confidence, here’s a list of ways using marijuana can benefit your yogic practice.

Marijuana’s Yogic Benefits

You don’t feel as much pressure to master the moves.

Of course, you want to be great at the poses you perform. However, focusing on mastery can cause anxiety, which makes doing yoga to calm down counterproductive. When you use marijuana before a session, you’re more in tune with your energy as opposed to trying to perfect your poses.

It's easier to block out distractions and focus.

For most yogis, it takes a bit of time to settle down and tap into your calm state. Since marijuana has calming properties, it helps you ignore the surrounding distractions and focus on posing and breathing mindfully.

The key is to use an Indica strain. Indica strains of marijuana create a sense of euphoria while Sativa strains help with focus. Indica also helps relieve pain, so it feels better getting into the zone and performing certain poses as your muscles relax.

Beginners have a heightened sense of confidence.

Being a yogi can be intimidating, especially the first time. By having a quick marijuana session before getting in the zone, even first-timers can feel more confident when they practice.

If you’re new to yogic practice and marijuana, take it slow. If you overindulge in marijuana before your session, it’s not only counterproductive, it can make you feel paranoid. This is especially true if the other yogis are sober. To feel truly confident in these sessions, find others willing to partake in marijuana with you or practice alone.

It boosts your creativity during sessions.
If you’re a yogi that struggles with creating sessions for your classes, consider using marijuana before making plans. Marijuana allows you to truly get in tune with your body and organically move, which may help you come up with some quality routines.

If possible, partaking in some marijuana before a session and record your poses as you go. Once you’re sober, review the tape and decide which poses will work best for future sessions.

Things to Consider

Try without a large group in the beginning.

As previously mentioned, it’s best to start alone or with others that use marijuana. Otherwise, you may get some stares from around the room. If you’re a first-time marijuana yogi, it’s best to try some friends or follow an instructional video on your own.

As this wellness trend continues to grow in popularity, yogis have created marijuana asana videos. So, grab yourself some cannabis, pull up a video, and get started.

Don’t overindulge.

This is especially important if you’re a beginner. If you use a sativa strain, its sedative effects will make you feel fatigued. Also, if your body gets used to a large portion of marijuana every session, you’ll build an unhealthy addiction that can negatively impact your quality of life.

Be careful during poses.

While you may feel relaxed and confident, marijuana does slightly impair your balance. Keep this in mind while deciding which poses to choose or you can be severely hurt.

With fitness being one of the best ways to relieve stress, it's a good idea to balance your energy with yogic poses. If you decide to use marijuana while you practice posing, use it moderately. If you have questions or concerns, speak to your doctor and yogi before use.

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