Stoned Pizza in Brooklyn: Hiding in Plain Sight

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By Juana Know Staff

As the US becomes more accepting of marijuana usage, cannabis-themed restaurants are becoming more and more popular. From high-quality baked goods to gourmet cannabis pizza, there are many delicious cuisine options to fulfill your munchies. Leading the pack in Brooklyn, New York is the ingenious and provocative Stoned Pizza. This amazing pizza place offers more than just its signature pies; you can also enjoy chicken wings and sodas all infused with cannabis.

Owner and Chef

Brooklyn native Chris Barrett, better known as the Pizza Pusha, is the owner and head chef of the innovative cannabis-themed restaurant Stoned Pizza. In 2015, Pizza Pusha began to create cannabis-infused pizzas for weed connoisseurs and medical marijuana patients. During a six-month trip to California, he was invited to a cannabis dinner and enjoyed it so much that he decided to bring a similar experience to New York. Pizza Pusha combines all of the things he loves the most to provide his variation of the experience: perfect ambiance, private events, great food, celebrities, super cool guests, and of course, marijuana.


Stoned Pizza is located somewhere in Brooklyn on a nondescript street in a nondescript storefront. As Barrett told Mike Sugerman on the Sweet Spot radio program, "We're hiding in plain sight." Because recreational pot is not legal in New York or New Jersey, Stoned Pizza arranges delivery and pickups on Instagram. The New York pickup location is in Woodhaven, Queens and the New Jersey pickups are done in Jersey City. Customers need to place orders 2 hours in advance on the same day and then meet at the pickup spots. There is also a delivery option for the 5 boroughs of New York and 1-hour radius of Jersey City. Stoned Pizza does have a store location in Jersey City, which is only for dinner reservations.


The main attraction at Stoned Pizza is, of course, their scrumptiously enticing cannabis-infused pizza. Each pizza has 320 milligrams of THC baked into it and each slice has approximately 40 milligrams. As 10 milligrams is said to be the normal dose for edibles, one slice may be enough for some while others will prefer to have two slices. There are a variety of pizza flavors and even a vegan pizza so no marijuana lover is left out. Along with the pizza, Stoned Pizza also sells chicken wings, ganja garlic knots, cheesecake, cookies, brownies, and four different flavors of soda. The THC-infused soda flavors are Canna Cola, Orange Kush, Stoned Sprite, and Grape Ape. To receive a full menu from Stoned Pizza, you will need to request one through the restaurant's website or social media.


Stoned Pizza already has a healthy social media presence with standup comedian Young Jack Thriller signing on as the cannabis-themed restaurant's brand ambassador. Celebrities including Ty Dolla $ign, Method Man, and Raw cigarette papers founder Josh Kesselman have all proudly displayed Stoned Pizza's distinctive logo takeout boxes on their Instagram feeds. Stoned Pizza, Jack Thriller, and Pizza Pusha have all been recognized in the 420 infused food industry as they continue to blaze new trails.

So, the next time you are in the New York City area and looking into cannabis-themed restaurants, consider checking out the exclusive Stoned Pizza. Simply find the company on Instagram and send a DM for details. Enjoy a refreshing Canna Cola while you dine on the most delicious cannabis-infused pizza in the state.

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