Spotlight: Andrea Drummer, Cannabis Chef

a year ago   •   3 min read

By Juana Know Staff

Feeding people is a calling for many people. Many people love to cook. Cooking is a chance to make connections with others and make them happy. One person who fully understands this process in every way is Andrea Drummer. Drummer is a member of an elite profession and yet one with homemade roots. For her, as for so many others who have enjoyed working with her, cooking is a passion that began when she was young and still continues much the same today. She loves the chance to reach out to the world and be part of something larger.

Her Background

Chef Andrea Drummer grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This tight-knit community lies just off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This is one part of the United States where people make abundant use of all sorts of local produce. They can find lots of delicious seafood fresh from the waters of the gulf. They also make use of the region's fruit. The mild climate makes it easy for people to grow things. For many years, Andrea Drummer was surrounded by the kind of ingredients that gave her a sense of how to put a meal together.

For a number of years, she left Ft. Lauderdale and made her way to other jobs. She found a home in many big cities including Miami, Philadelphia, and New York. At the same time, she realized she wanted something more from her career. She wanted a chance to cook the food she loves. With that in mind, she decided it was time to make a move in life. Drummer left for Southern California. It was here that she attended the prestigious Pasadena location of Le Cordon Bleu. This gave her a chance to hone her skills. It also paved the way for her to work with many well-known chefs including world-famous chef Thomas Keller.

Moving On

Working closely in the field of cooking reminded her that she wanted a chance to open up her own space. Her goal was to create a space where she could demonstrate cooking she liked and make diners feel good. It was also at this point that she started to experiment with different kinds of cooking techniques and many interesting ingredients. She realized that making cannabis legal also made it possible for her to seek out new ways of cooking with one of the world's popular ingredients. Like many states, California decided that people were allowed to use this substance on their own. As a chef open to new ideas, she wanted to see where using it could take her. The results of her own experimentation have proven a new direction in cooking for her fans to appreciate.

The Original Cannabis Café

In experimenting with the possibilities inherent in the consumption of marijuana, the chef came to the realization that she could use this ingredient in a wide array of dishes. She could also do lots of other things with it. This includes selling her own personal flavors as well as creating a series of menu items designed to make it easier for her clients to enjoy eating as they smoke. For her, this meant a chance to think in new ways and come up with interesting and useful solutions for her clients. This lead to the opening of The Original Cannabis Café. As the chef and the co-owner, she became the first person to be legally allowed to sell pot that clients can consume on-site. Since that time, she's continued to think about new directions for her work.

She's done much to make clients happy with her cooking. This is why she choose to write the book, “Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of a Born Again Chef." The book was written and published in 2017 under the auspices of a company known as Elevation VIP Cooperative. They provide customized dinners that include the use of marijuana. This is one venture that she's found satisfying. She likes to share what she knows about this industry as well as demonstrate what new directions are possible. It's a role she's taken on in life with a great deal of pleasure.

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