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By Juana Know Staff

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to buy cannabis online? How will you decide which product to choose?! How do you find something that’ll provide you with the desired effect you’re looking for? (Hangover, pain, insomnia relief...) The last thing you want is to buy a flower that leaves you awake and paranoid at 2:00am on a workday.

There are a lot of cannabis selections out there. With over 700 known cannabis strains, it can be difficult to narrow your selection. And who has the time to go back and forth between different websites to search for product descriptions and effects for each menu item? Wouldn't it be great if you had all that information on the menu, all in one place, while you’re shopping?

Look no further.

Juana Know is here to provide you with all the information you need when you need it most! The best part, it's FREE! We're building a database of all the effects each product may have to help you curate your own "best" life. We collect valuable survey data from each user, aggregate it with all the others, to suggest the possible product effects. We add new product detail information to our database daily since we don't currently have info on every product. Juana Know has the cannabis information you want, and it’s automatically added to your dispensary‘s menu with the click of a button. Save time and let us do the research for you.


Juana Know provides

  • Product details- Verified product detail information from the cultivator or manufacturer. It gives you the data you need to make an informed decision. So, you can rest easy.
  • Product Effects- How strains may make you feel. Juana Know helps connect you with the exact remedy you’re searching for. So you can feel comfortable making your cannabis selections. Never again will you skip those evening plans or end up starfish-ing on your apartment floor because you got a little too high.

Upcoming features

  • Looking for value? Juana Know will notify you about sales at local dispensaries within your zip code. So you can find the cannabis you want, at a price that is great for you. Deals you want, when you want them. Meaning you won't have to worry about breaking the bank for cannabis and can save time without having to search for deals.
  • Favoriting cannabis products. Remember that strain you ordered when you had your friend from college drop in town? Remember how you both laughed until your stomach hurt and that bacon cheeseburger you ate tasted like exquisite fine dining? What was the name of that strain? Juana Know’s “pinning” or saving feature helps you save time trying to find that product. Easily add it to your favorites so that you can easily find if that strain is available at any dispensary menu you search. Which means you don't have to worry about trying to remember the names of your favorite strains. Let Juana Know do it for you. Keep a list of products that you loved! Or know which ones to stay away from!


  • Download Juana Know from Google’s Chrome Web Store
  • Go to your dispensary menu.
  • Look for the Juana Know logo on the menu listings
  • Don't see any? Click the Juana Know J in the top right corner
  • Click the logo to see the info

That's it!

We would love your feedback so that we know how to improve our product to provide you with a better experience.

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