Not a Family Matter: Purple Urkel

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By Juana Know Staff

For those who enjoy the effect of indica strains but have a hard time with the flavor of cannabis, the Purple Urkel product may be just what you need to get the full pleasure and benefit. This strain offer the flavor of fresh grapes and a gentle, relaxing sense of calm as it acts on your nervous system

The Purple Fireweed: An Ideal Indica

Those who enjoy indica products find that this strain of cannabis offers an ideal way to relax and wind down at the end of the day. Purple Urkel, in particular, has a short onset window. This means that the time from inhalation to calm is quite quick. Even better, the commonly known negative reactions to cannabis, including

  • paranoia
  • dizziness
  • headache

are rare, while those fighting pain, stress and insomnia have very good results with this product.

Child star Jaleel White has paired up with 710 labs to market this sweet, gentle cannabis. While White's name and image has often been associated with different cannabis products, these previous tags were neither approved nor welcome.

Serendipitous Connections

Jaleel White and 710 Labs founder Brad Melshenker actually met on an airplane. As cannabis is the business of Melshenker and the passion of White, their connection turned into a search for the ideal purple fireweed.

Chemically, this indica sativa strain is Myrcene forward and only offers 16% THC. Those who enjoy this product will enjoy how it prepares them for quality sleep and provides relief from pain. This product is sweet to smoke and an ideal way for many users to manage nighttime stress, reduce the impact of insomnia and help block anxious thoughts from spinning through your mind.

Tested as Well as Promoted

When 710 Labs came up with a quality sampling of what was to be labeled as Purple Urkel, White and a friend carefully tested all the samples prior to approval. They reviewed each product for the proper

  • aroma upon opening
  • flavor when smoked
  • impact on mood
  • delay before sleepiness
  • quality of relaxation

Because White has long had to police the cannabis producers who thought to use his image and name, coming up with a variety that he could both approve and enjoy was critically important to his connection with 710 Labs.

Personalizing the Product

Cannabis is personal because it produces unique results. Nearly every person has receptors that will be impacted by all the chemicals to be found in cannabis, including CBD and THC. However, each individual reaction will likely be unique.

If you're interested in trying this product, remember that the strain is an indica product. If you're seeking energy and focus, indica strains are not your best choice. However, if you need relief from chronic pain, a break from anxious thoughts, and a good night of deep sleep, then this product may be ideal for your personal use.

Buy the best quality cannabis you can find and use it with those you are comfortable with. While many of us are accustomed to how other mood-altering products, such as alcohol, can impact our brains, many users of cannabis are fairly new to the product. Seek out the help of a friend who can guide you through the feelings that may crop up as your mind and body relax.

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