Modern Cannabis consumption, it’s not all about smoking

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By Juana Know Staff

There are more avenues of cannabis consumption than merely via joint, blunt, glass piece, and so on. In fact, modern technology has made it possible to safely and discretely partake almost anywhere it is acceptable to do so. From brownies to vape pens, and from capsule to cannabis-infused wine, the alternatives to smoking are nearly endless. Yes, the actual act of smoking may be a thing of the past before too long. The following are 5 ways to consume marijuana without smoking it.

5. Vaporizer

Nowadays, vaping is all the rage. However, it isn't all about nicotine-filled clouds. You can also vaporize marijuana in a variety of ways. One way is using cartridges with cannabis extracts or wax. Another common method is tossing your dry herb or bud into a "dry herb atomizer." Vaporizing your buds, straight out, is one of the best ways to consume cannabis due to its discrete smell and flower remnants reusability. These vaporized remnants can be reused in an herbal tea or home-made edible recipe. You could even opt for a vaporizer that does it all: dry herb, wax, and everything else.

4. Edibles

We all have a story when it comes to marijuana edibles. They hit fast and they often hit hard, but that shouldn't keep you from indulging responsibly. Remember that cannabis-infused edibles are significantly stronger than smoked marijuana. Thus, one edible will probably last a lot longer than conventionally smoked buds. To boot, you can easily make edibles in your own home. There are countless brownie, cookie, and even full-course, cannabis-infused meal recipes online.

3. Dabs

Okay, so technically, when you consume dabs, you're still smoking, but smoking dabs is a totally different experience than smoking pure buds. Dabs or "shatter" is essentially a more concentrated form of cannabis, extracted from the plant's flower by means of butane or carbon dioxide. This creates a sticky, icky, potent, and powerful substance. Smoking dabs has skyrocketed in popularity among smokers within the last decade due in part to their high potency. Again, smoking a dab is a whole world away from smoking regular bud. You'll need a special rig for smoking this.

2. Cannabis-infused Beer and Wine

As of recent years, the alcohol in select beers and wines has been replaced with cannabis extractions. This results in a familiar beverage and, if you smoke regularly, an even more familiar buzz. And the best part: there's no hangover! Cannabis-infused beer and wine works exactly like an edible.

1. Topical Oils and Ointments

This method of consumption is not as common as the others, however, for some, this is the best way to cultivate the benefits of cannabis. While no "high" will be induced by applying a topical cream or ointment infused with marijuana, it can relieve muscle pain and soreness, joint pain, arthritis symptoms and other physical ailments. Ointments and topical creams containing cannabis-infused ingredients are usually only available for medical purposes.

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