Meet Wanda James: Cannabis Pioneer

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By Juana Know Staff

The consumption of certain products is laded with many layers of legal and moral complexity. One such product is cannabis. Over the decades, cannabis consumption has been alternatively lionized as a panacea, a cure-all for anything that might cause physical problems or scourge that might lead to other vices. For many people, cannabis consumption is simply a way to relax with friends on a weekend. For one young woman, cannabis is a chance to fight for social justice and an opportunity to lend her voice to the growing segment of women making a difference in the lives of African-Americans.

Wanda James

Like the product she offers, Wanda James has been involved in many fields. In her career in the navy, she's earned kudos and a promotion to lieutenant. Her time in the military taught her many skills. One of the single most important was the ability to step up and lead when necessary. This is a skill she's applied to many areas of her life. She's a huge supporter of former president Barack Obama. Jones served on his National Finance Committee. In this role, she helped raise money to support Obama in his campaign to become president.

James has served her community in other respects as well. In recent years, she's chosen to focus her attention on the world of business. James has always wanted to have a business of her own that she can use to support her dreams. Like many Africa-Americans, the question was finding a place to start. As a resident of Denver, Colorado, James has been part of a wonderful experiment. Unlike many other states, Colorado has chosen to make consumption of cannabis products legal under many circumstances. This has opened up new vistas for those who are willing to seize the day.

An Empire of Her Own

In the aftermath of the decision to make cannabis consumption a legal thing for residents of Colorado, James has found her personal niche. Laws punishing the use of cannabis have hit the African-American community hard. Many people of color have been subject to severe punishment merely for engaging in commonly accepted community activities. In many instances, Americans are left with two separate legal systems. In one system, African-Americans are sent to jail merely for having a few grams of marijuana. In the other, officers ignore white Americans who do the very same thing. Wanda James wants to challenge this system and make it one where all Americans can safely enjoy consuming a product with known benefits.

With this in mind, she and her partner Scott Durrah came up with a plan. They set up a dispensary to meet the needs of Coloradans. Simply Pure is not just a business venture for James. Simply Pure is also a calling. James has been an ardent defender of the needs of the people she and her partner serve every single day. Her fierce determination and dedication to promoting the use of marijuana have not gone unnoticed.

Her Community

For James, her role as Chief Executive of Simply Pure is not just about owning her own business. Her role is also about serving as a voice for people who have often gone unheard in the justice system. This is why her business serves many purposes. The pursuit of justice is as important as earning a living. With goal on the table, she and her partner have not merely spoken out to elected officials and community leaders. They've also made a commitment to support causes directly with fiscal help.

Their new cannabis brand is called BCause. The b stands for black. She and her partner are donating five percent of the profits that are near and dear to her heart. She wants to help others in her community in the same way she's been help in her own life. Such funds will be used to help accomplish goals such as providing African-Americans the chance to attend law school and fight for the needs of members of the community who are imprisoned under harsh marijuana possession laws. In this way, James hope to be part of a revolution that can truly change lives for the better.

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