How To Store Your Cannabis

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By Juana Know Staff

Your cannabis order will come to you in dried buds. The dispensary may or may not put it in an airtight container for delivery. It's a good idea to transfer your bud gently to an airtight container that you can store in a cool, dry and dark spot.


Well-cured cannabis may well turn brown over time, as long as it's been kept away from air exposure. If it still holds a sturdy shape and doesn't fall apart when you touch it, it's probably still good. Airtight jars are a good storage option as long as they're either opaque or you have a dark spot to store it. When working out how to store cannabis, handling the product gently is extremely important.


If you pull out your buds and they fall apart, you will want to review your storage space. Concerns about how to store cannabis are more than just flavor and product effect; cannabis buds can mold if exposed to too much moisture and will dry out and fall apart if kept too warm. You can expect 6 to 12 months of quality product results if you can protect it from air, heat and light.


Don't put your buds inside a plastic container or a humidor. Humidors need to protect cigars from mold, and cigars require a whole tobacco leaf to stay rolled up tight and cured. Your buds will dry out in a humidor.

Additionally, plastic containers contain

  • scents from the leftovers that were in there last
  • static (in plastic bags)

Not only will the container take on the flavor of your buds and make storing leftovers challenging, but you'll create an overly dry environment with the static charge of a baggie.


Don't freeze or refrigerate your cannabis. If you make your own gummies or tinctures, your storage requirements will change based on the risk of mold or potency loss. However, buds do best above freezing and below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This range will reduce the risk of moisture build-up and protect the buds from falling apart when you're ready to use the product.

Glass is Best

Look for airtight glass containers with a good quality rubber seal. For those using canning jars, make sure you put a new lid on the container to avoid the scent of vinegars and other canning products in your cannabis. If you can find an opaque glass container, you will be able to store the containers in a cupboard that gets opened often.

If not, find a storage space in a low cupboard, a basement or a root cellar. Keep masking tape and a pen nearby so you can put a date on the jar. Your goal when using your stored buds should be first in, first out; again, you want to use your buds within 12 months of storing them.

Carefully check out your cannabis buds when you open your jar. Mold may be white and fuzzy, but it can also be brown or black. If there's any chance of mold growth in your cannabis jar, discard the product.

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