How to Make Canna Beer

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By Juana Know Staff

What is Canna Beer?

Much like the name implies, cannabis beer is a trending topic in the cannabis community. This creative new trend is popular among both cannabis and beer enthusiasts alike. Brewing with cannabis results in a craft beverage with the effect of an edible.

What do you need to make it?

If you want to brew cannabis-infused beer, you’ll need to have a few special techniques. This article will teach you the basics of how to make canna beer, with each method explained in detail below. Here’s what you need to get started:



Decarboxylation process

Dry hop schedule

How do you choose a cannabis strain?

The aroma of cannabis comes from terpenes. Strains can have terpenes that give floral, fruity, citrus, or piney aromatics. Choosing the right cannabis strain depends on the style of beer you brew.
There are also different psychoactive outcomes from each strain. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis types produce a range of effects from euphoric to calming. Typically, those with more uplifting effects are better in cannabis beer.

What is a decarboxylation process?
To activate the THC cannabis, it needs to be heated properly before brewing. The process of heating it is called decarboxylation. Cannabis-infused beer can be made without the decarboxylation process, but your brew won’t have any psychoactive properties.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the decarboxylation process:

1.  Wash your cannabis. Place your cannabis in a French press and cover them with distilled water. Change the water every couple of days until the water runs clear.

2. Blanch the washed cannabis. Dip your product in boiling water for two minutes, then put it in an ice bath for another minute.

3. Spread your cannabis buds on a baking tray. Heat them in the oven around 250 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 90 minutes.

Baking your cannabis at higher temperatures for shorter periods of time will release more flavors and produce a higher THC percentage. For a more mellow strength, use a lower temperature for longer.

Which hops should you use?

Hops and cannabis are in the same plant family. They both have similar flavor profiles making them a great pair for brewing. Cannabis tends to produce grassier flavors, so steer clear of hops that are super ‘hoppy’.

Choose hops that balance well with your chosen cannabis strain. Fruity, bright aromas such as citrus work well. Here are some hop varieties that pair with grassy cannabis flavors:




What is dry hopping?

Though the term implies that this process is a dry one, dry hopping just means that the hops are placed into fermented ale while they are dry. Dry hopping leaves beer less bitter and more flavorful, making it a popular choice to achieve enhanced flavors and aromas.

To use the dry hop process, create a schedule to determine when you will add hops to your brew. When brewing with cannabis, you need to use a double dry-hopping method. This means you will add dry hops and decarboxylated cannabis to your brew at two different times.

How do I create a dry hop schedule?

Pick two different days to add your dry hops to your beer. This will reduce the grassy flavors from the cannabis and result in a brighter aroma. On dry-hop day one, only add hops to your beer. The second time around, try an equal blend of cannabis and hops.

Add your first dry hop in the active fermentation stage. The second dry hop can be added a few days before you package your final product.

What cannabis to hops ratio you should follow?

If you want to enjoy more than one beer at a time, the best ratio for brewing is a 1:1 equal blend of cannabis and hops. For a 5-gallon batch of brew, use about an ounce of each. This produces a cannabis beer that isn’t too strong.

Is cannabis-infused beer illegal?

Knowing how to make canna beer comes with the responsibility of understanding your area's regulations on marijuana. It is illegal to sell beer that contains THC. Consume your brew privately and at the discretion of state laws.

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