How Long Does Weed Stay Good For?

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By Juana Know Staff

As for most organic elements, nothing lasts forever. Weed is no exception to this rule. When treated right and well stored, it can last for a longer period. How to store cannabis becomes a very crucial aspect of its lifespan.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay Fresh?

The term fresh refers to the potency and the THC percentage in your weed. They keep declining in the lifespan of the plant. People tend to believe the more you store weed, the better it gets.

The weed may, in turn, start to grow fungus and molds. This affects the flavor and the potency too. If you have an underlying medical condition, you might also be affected.

In the medical field, potency is very crucial. If it is reduced, the plant won’t serve its purpose as it should. With the scientific revolution, we can estimate how long weed takes to lose its potency:

  • By the end of one year, it can lose up to 16% of its THC
  • After 2 years this increases up to 26%
  • After the third year, almost 36% of the THC is gone
  • Within four years, the THC quantity can drop by 41%

Why Weed Goes Bad

Many people wonder how long does cannabis stays fresh. Taking care of your weed is essential. This means always storing them in conducive conditions. These conditions determine how long the weed will stay fresh.

Weed that has been properly harvested, dried, cured, and stored stays fresh for a long time. This can range from 6 months to one year.

There are a few factors that affect your weed’s freshness:

  • Humidity - Low humidity is optimum for your weed. The flavor and potency are retained. High humidity is not good for the weed. It provides good conditions for fungal diseases and mold. You'd want to store the cannabis flower between 59% and 63% humidity levels. Too low humidity also accelerates the rate at which the weed dries up.
  • Temperature - Like humidity, certain temperatures provide ideal conditions for fungus. The plant is very temperature sensitive. It's advised that the temperatures should never be above 70 degrees. It would be best if you store your weed in a cool and dry environment.
  • UV light - These rays carry radiations. The radiations increase the rate at which THC breaks. This makes your weed lose potency quicker than it should. It would be best if you store your weed away from the sun. This is to preserve the aroma and taste of your weed.

What Makes Weed Seem Stale

Weed is an organic substance. The chemical components in it slowly deteriorate over time. An essential chemical substance is THC. Over time, weed loses the THC content. This results in it losing its potency.

How To Tell If Your Weed Is Bad

Telling good weed from bad is quite easy. Weed that has gone bad easily crumbles. The smell is also very mild before it’s smoked.

The weed also feels spongy and damp. They also grow mold on them. Sometimes smoking this weed has the same effects. But if you have an underlying condition, it can make you very sick.

Weed does not expire. This, however, does not mean that you should let your weed go stale. Apart from its potency, weed also loses its aroma, texture, and flavor. In extreme cases, It will leave you with only dust. Nobody likes stale weed if they can help with it.

How To Store Cannabis

There are simple steps that need to be adhered to when storing weed:

  • You should always use air-tight containers. These containers prevent the entry of moisture. As a result, the potency of the weed remains at its best. Keeping it away from oxygen is also crucial. This is to reduce the oxidizing effect of the THC compound. Glasses and ceramic jars are ideal for storage.
  • Do not store your weed in plastic bags. They are easily punctured and do not last for a long time.
  • Be cautious of the temperatures. Store your weed in a place with good conditions. This is to avoid the weed from getting fungal molds. Good conditions keep the weed’s potency and flavor.
  • If you store your weed for a very long time, keep them in the dark, cool, and dry place.


How long does cannabis stay fresh depends on how you store it. Your weed goes bad if not stored in desirable conditions. Keep its potency at its best is very crucial. Going for the best breed is key if you want to make the most out of your weed.

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