Herbal Remedies: Mixing Cannabis with Herbs

9 months ago   •   2 min read

By Juana Know Staff

Changes in the legal status have many cannabis fans elbowing their friends and family, pointing out the health benefits of these products. Now that CBD is legal in all 50 states and THC seems to be headed in that direction, lots of folks are excited to announce that cannabis is helping them to feel better! Whether you already knew that or are just working it out, adding herbs to your cannabis products can increase your enjoyment.

Why Mix?

Mixing organic dried herbs with your smokable cannabis can

  • change up the flavor if you want something different
  • improve digestive issues
  • reduce painful inflammation
  • help you fight stress

Of course, each herb can change up the results you get from your cannabis choice. If you struggle to sleep, try adding lemon balm. For those who have a history of depression, blending St. John's Wort into your smoke mix can lift your spirits. Planning a romantic weekend getaway? Mix in some jasmine for a libido boost.

What Can You Mix?

Mixing other herbs into your cannabis smoking choice is one way to change up your experience. However, if you're happy with your smoke but want to experiment a bit, try mixing in essential oils with your cannabis topical choice.

For those who struggle with nerve pain, inflamed joints, or other chronic issues, a cannabis oil topical is a great way to reduce discomfort. You can also blend in some lavender essential oil to use as a topical on painful flare-ups. Lavender has long been used as a cleanser, both in dried and essential oil form. Your cannabis and herbs blend of this wonderfully fragrant product can also work as an edible.

Stay Pure

The lavender oil you can add to your bath may smell good, but you want the purest grade possible to mix with any cannabis product. If at all possible, look for edible grade essential oils to add to any blends that you use on a regular basis to avoid a toxic reaction.

Once you're confident in your supply of edible grade essential oil, you can add them to your own homemade edibles. If you like cannabis in your smoothie, coffee, or tea, add rosemary to fight inflammation and add a little zing to your product. When the weather changes and everybody has a cold, add a little echinacea to your smoothie, coffee, or tea.

You can also add these products to your coffee or tea. For those who enjoy a cup of cannabis tea before bed, add a bit of holy basil, also known as tulsi, to your cannabis and herbs tea blend. Drink a cup or two and put a cup aside to use as a skin toner; both tulsi and cannabis have anti-inflammatory powers, so you can use this mix to soothe your spirit and calm your skin.

From smoke to topicals to edibles, you know how much cannabis products can help to manage pain, stress and other challenges. With access to quality herbs, either dried or in an edible grade oil, you can continue to support and control your own health and well-being. Consider keeping a journal to track your results and create the best blends for you.

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