Grown Up Cocoa: How to Make Cannabis Infused Hot Chocolate

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By Juana Know Staff

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice mug of hot chocolate on a cold day? With cooler temperatures quickly approaching, you need a delicious recipe for hot chocolate. Unlike traditional recipes, this one is for adults.

In this article, you’ll be learning how to make cannabis-infused hot chocolate. The first part of the recipe involves infusing your milk. For this process, you’ll need:

-Your favorite milk. If you use a non-dairy option like coconut milk, use a one to one ratio of coconut milk and coconut cream.

-25 grams of high-grade marijuana

-A medium or large saucepan


-A steel mixing bowl

-A mixing spoon

-Cheesecloth or mesh strainer

To make cannamilk, you’ll use the double boiler method. To start, you’ll need to fill your saucepan halfway with water. While your water boils, focus your attention on your steel mixing bowl. Add the milk of your choice and your high-grade marijuana. With your whisk, stir your cannabis and milk mixture for around two minutes.

After a couple of minutes on a medium boil, your water should have gone from a simmer to light boiling. Place the cannabis and milk mixture in your steel bowl on the saucepan. Make sure your steel bowl is touching the water in order to create the double boiling effect. This heating method is great because it infuses your mixture without burning it because it doesn’t come in contact with direct heat and can’t curdle.

Keep your mixture heating on low and stir every 10 to 15 minutes. Depending on how concentrated you want your milk, you can heat your mixture for between 30 minutes and three hours. Once you’ve reached your desired concentration, turn your fire off and strain your mixture through a mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Allow this mixture to cool in the fridge between uses.

Cannamilk Hot Chocolate Recipes

Now that you’ve created your cannamilk, it’s time to make your hot chocolate. If you need a delicious new recipe for hot chocolate, here are a couple worth trying.

Sweet and Salty Hot Chocolate

Of course, traditional hot chocolate is sweet. However, this recipe adds a layer of flavor by incorporating sea salt. To start, you’ll need:

-Three cups of your favorite milk

-½ cup of cannabis milk

-⅓ cup of cocoa powder (unsweetened)

-1 bar of dark chocolate (at least 72%)

-½ cup of brown or coconut sugar

-⅓ cup of water

-¾ teaspoon of vanilla extract

-½ cup of creamer

To start, you want to mix your sugar, salt, and cocoa powder and set it aside. Place a medium sized saucepan with your water on the stove and turn your flame on medium heat. Once your water begins to boil, add your chocolate bar in squares. Constantly stir until your chocolate dissolves.

Mix your dry ingredients with milk, creamer, and your cannabis infused milk. Raise your heat and continue stirring until your cocoa mixture begins to simmer but doesn’t boil. When it begins to simmer, take it off the heat and add your vanilla extract. Pour into your cocoa mugs, add your favorite toppings, and enjoy.

Caramel Hot Chocolate

If you love the caramel-chocolate combo, here’s a recipe you’ll love. To start, you’ll need:

-½ cup of cannabis infused milk

-1 ½ cups of your favorite milk

-¼ cup Dutch cocoa powder

-¼ cup and one teaspoon of powdered sugar

-¼ cup of caramel sauce

-½ cup of whipping cream

-Caramel drizzle (optional)

To start, add a saucepan containing both types of milk until you begin to see steam. Once hot, add your Dutch cocoa, caramel, and sugar and stir until they’ve dissolved. Once smooth, take your cocoa off of the heat and pour them in cups.

In a separate cold container, add your whipping cream and whisk until thick. Add your final teaspoon of sugar and whisk until you have stiff peaks. Add your whipped cream to your hot chocolate, drizzle your caramel on top, and enjoy.

Now that you know how to make cannabis hot chocolate, you have a warm and yummy way to relax after a long, stressful day.

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