Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Cool Cannabis Gifts to Give

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By Juana Know Staff

5 Cool Cannabis Gifts to Give

Now that the holiday season is upon us, this is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them with a great gift. It can also be the perfect time to buy something special for yourself. Think of it as self care.

Cannabis is now legal, in some form, across 33 states and Washington DC. With marijuana becoming legalized on the state level across the country, chances are strong you know another cannabis aficionado. Since it can be a struggle to find the perfect gift for someone, here’s your go-to cannabis gift guide.

“Higher Etiquette” Book by Lizzie Post

Amazon $18.99

With more states legalizing marijuana across the country every election, more and more people are able to legally purchase cannabis in their state. This means, many people could be trying it for the first time in their lives and will probably have many questions. Thankfully, author Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughter of etiquette author Emily Post, has answered many questions about different aspects of the entire experience:

  • How do you respectfully smoke in someone else's house?
  • Do you tip your budtender at the dispensary?
  • How do different strains affect people differently?
  • How to properly pack, roll, hold, and smoke a joint?
  • Is it proper to give cannabis as a gift?

All these questions and more are answered in the book, complete with charming illustrations, making this the perfect gift for new and experienced cannabis users.

Smokebuddy Original Personal Air Filter

Smokebuddy $21.95

To many people, one of the biggest problems with smoking is the smell. While vaping and edibles alleviate this problem, many people prefer to smoke cannabis in flower form which leaves an odor. Some strains can be so strong that it lingers on your clothes, carpet, and furniture among many other things. This can make smoking discreetly difficult.

Thankfully there’s a product that can eliminate most of the smell  without the use of sprays, candles, or incense. The Smokebuddy is a small, discreet device into which you exhale the smoke. The filters inside work to absorb the smell. This is the perfect gift for those with roommates, who travel a lot, or who simply want a smell free smoking experience.

A Letter From the Last Prisoner Project

Last Prisoner Project $0

Over 40,000 Americans are sitting in jails and prisons across the country because of marijuana-related offenses simply for enjoying or possessing cannabis. Many of whom were  punished more harshly simply because of the color of their skin. Meanwhile, millions of others across the country are free to purchase and consume marijuana in their homes all because they live in a different state. Thus, for those imprisoned, this time of year can be especially difficult.

To spread a little joy this holiday season, the Last Prison Project is inviting people to write letters to them. There is no monetary cost needed on your part, just the time to sit and write something. Their website offers help, tips, and even writing prompts about what to include in your letter. To those in prison, a simple letter saying someone cares and is fighting to help change the system can go a long way.

Mister Green Bong Water Mug                                                                      

Mister Green $16.00

Many of us know the frustration of someone either at work or home using our coffee mug. People who have this mug however might have people think twice before accidentally picking up or using their coffee cup.

Those who have used a bong before knows just how awful the water can look and smell. It is the perfect, low-priced gift for those cannabis users who enjoy coffee and a laugh. It is also the perfect repellant for mug stealers everywhere. Plus, think how ridiculous it’ll look when on their next Zoom or Skype call they take a sip from their “Bong Water” cup.

The Original Apothecarry Case                                                            

Apothecarry $259.99

The most expensive gift on our cannabis gift guide is the all-in-one carrying case for anyone’s cannabis needs. For those wanting to spend a little extra for their loved one, this case has it all. It contains 4 glass jars, 8 humidity free packets, 4 dab containers, a holder for a vape pen, elastic straps to hold oil cartridges, a rolling tray, a grinder, and a nook for your other miscellaneous tools and rolling papers.

All of this comes in a quality, wood and leather case that contains a lock on the outside. This case is the ultimate gift for the new cannabis user who needs high-quality tools.

No matter what level cannabis enthusiast you are shopping for this holiday season, no matter how low or high your budget is, you will be able to find the perfect gift among any of the above popular cannabis products.

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