Best Strains for Breast Cancer Treatment

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By Juana Know Staff

Serious marijuana research from a relatively objective perspective is a fairly new development in the medical field. This means that researchers have only scratched the surface of the uses and effects of marijuana, but what they do know is very promising for those who are interested in using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

It is important to understand that medical marijuana is more than just consuming marijuana for medical purposes. It also means that you have access to a more reliable source of marijuana that provides potency and application information necessary to determine proper dosage.

Having said this, marijuana has already been linked to positive effects for those suffering from the negative effects of cancer treatments. The best weed strains for cannabis as a supplement with breast cancer treatment depends on what symptoms need to be addressed.

The following ten strains are listed with their reported effectiveness in relieving specific symptoms. Identifying the best strain or combinations of strains requires trial and error tactics, but these ten strains are a good place to start.


  • high CBD concentration, CBD/THC 20:1
  • nerve pain
  • discourages cancer cell growth


  • CBD/THC 1:1 to 5:1
  • muscle aches and spasms
  • migraines
  • anxiety


  • bred specifically to address side effects of chemotherapy
  • curbs nausea
  • increases appetite
  • pungent, woody taste can be harsh

Critical Mass

  • significant concentrations of THC and CBD
  • pain relief
  • most promising for inhibiting growth of cancer cells

Cookies and Cream

  • long-lasting relief
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • pain


  • very high CBD and very low THC 20:1
  • long-lasting effects
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • little to no psychoactive effects


  • highly concentrated CBD
  • complementary to THC


  • little to no THC
  • promotes sense of well-being
  • pain caused by nerve inflammation
  • stress and axiety

Super Lemon Haze

  • THC concentration, no CBD
  • energizes

Sweet and Sour Widow

  • balanced CBD/THC concentration ratio, 1:1
  • long-lasting effects without feeling the euphoria
  • most likely to induce the "Entourage Effect"

Entourage Effect

Researchers have found that the potency of THC and CBD and the interaction between them is much more significant than trying to type strains of marijuana. The best weed strains for cannabis when alleviating symptoms of breast cancer treatment are going to be a combination of THC and CBD.

Marijuana consists of more than just THC and CBD, at least 400 other components, but these two cannabinoids were studied among users who were also cancer patients and the consensus was that the users of both THC and CBD experienced much less pain, anxiety, and nausea than those who used only THC or only CBD.

A separate study at Harvard University revealed that a combination of THC and CBD boosted the effectiveness of radiation treatment in brain cancer sufferers. Similar studies have found this to be true for cancers found in other parts of the body. It is highly possible that this is true for breast cancer. Interest in flavonoids, another component found in marijuana, is increasing among researchers.

Cancer Cell-Killing Component Is Highly Likely

It is far too early in the stages of such studies to provide definitive results or even long-term effects, but the analysis of cannabis flavonoid (FBL-0G3) is being given serious scientific study.

Can the use of cannabis, or medical marijuana, lead to an actual cure or at least a much more tolerable and favorable treatment for breast cancer?

What is known for certain is that upon isolation some flavonoids provide more than thirty times the pain relief that aspirin provides. Flavonoids have proven beneficial uses as anti-carcinogens, anti-inflammatories, anti-mutagens and anti-oxidants.

A study at Harvard University, concentrating on pancreatic cancer, found significant decrease in tumors growth and spread with the use of flavonoids.

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