5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Vape

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By Juana Know Staff

There are various cannabis vaporizer devices on the market. These are all crafted to cater to different people with different needs. Whether you like to vape concentrates or dry herbs, there is something for you. You can either get a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer.

They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Most of them consist of a reservoir or cartridge that holds the liquid solution, an atomizer, a heating element, a battery that is the power source, and a mouthpiece, which a “vaper” (person who vapes) inhales from. The vapor is inhaled the same way smoke is inhaled, hence the name vaping.

Using a vape beats conventional smoking. This is because you will not experience all the coughing that comes with smoking. However, you might find it a bit intense when starting. When thinking about buying a cannabis vaporizer, you need to understand your needs. They are what will determine the kind of vaporizer that will be best for you. The following are some of the factors you will need to consider when shopping for a cannabis vaporizer.


Your budget is what will be the determinant factor about the kind of vaporizer you buy. Luckily there are various options whether you are on a budget or whether your finances allow you to splurge. If you have a low budget, you can purchase a vape pen. They use conduction heating. If you can spend a little bit more, you will have more options and more quality vaporizers with convection heating systems. This price range also offers vaporizers with more features compared to when you are buying one on a budget. Now, if you want to splurge? You will have endless possibilities. Hybrid and convection heating systems, you can afford desktop vaporizers, and you can afford portable vapes that are the best, quality-wise.

Heating System

There are three kinds of heating systems in vaporizers; convection, conduction, and hybrid heating systems. The heating system makes a difference when it comes to vaping. Conduction involves direct heating of your concentrate or dry herb. Vaporizers with this heating system tend to be cheaper. On the other hand, convection involves vapor being created through hot air, flowing around and through your concentrate or dry herb. These are more expensive compared to the conduction models. Lastly, the hybrid is a combination of convection and conduction heating systems. These two combined give a smooth and powerful vaping experience.

Type of Vaporizer

There are two types of vaporizers, a portable vaporizer, and a desktop vaporizer. So depending on where you prefer to vape from, you will know which one best works for you. Portable vaporizers, as the name suggests, have the advantage of portability. Portable vapes can be refilled, offer temperature control, have advanced heating systems, and are durable. Desktop vaporizers are usually heavy and expensive compared to portable ones. They offer more power, they have more powerful hits compared to vape pens, and have advanced heating systems. They use a convection heating system. This allows you to experience the flavor of your concentrate or dry herbs fully. These are recommended for people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, but also a great option to use socially.

Temperature Control

Expensive vapes have better features such as temperature control. You can change the temperature control you vape at. Having control over your temperature allows you to take either hard or soft hits, depending on your mood. Cheaper vapes only have a single temperature, which most people are okay with. A temperature control vaporizer is also essential for anyone who is a therapeutic cannabis user.


Ensure you are okay with the warranty option you are provided with when purchasing a vaporizer. This is because warranties vary. Desktop vaporizers have the longest warranty because of their nature, staying in one spot. Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, do not offer extended warranties. Also, check to see if everything is covered in your warranty. The glass components of your vaporizer, more often than not are covered in the warranty.

These tips will come in handy when shopping for a vape. Remember to go for what suits you and buy from an authorized dealer.

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